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Pupils Reports

Secondary Pupil Reports

We strive to keep good lines of communication open with parents at all times and any of our staff would telephone parents directly about any concerns they may have about a pupil. We also have at least one Parents evening per year for each year group where parents get a chance to sit down with their child’s teachers and ask any questions they may have.

To report home a bit more regularly, each pupil receives an ‘End of Cycle Academic Report’ at the end of each term. These summarise their year-to date Attendance, Housepoints and Behaviour points, plus their End of Cycle Assessments and potential GSCE Grades (in Years 9/10/11 only).

Below are examples of each of our three types of Secondary Academic Reports along with a short 5-minute video explaining each one:

Please remember that for any concerns parents may have they can always contact their child’s Tutor, Head of Year or Subject Teachers by email at their addresses on our ‘Contact us’ page