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Countdown Booklets

Following the success of our previous countdown materials, this booklet has been complied by subject teachers and provides details of the topics and content pupils need to revise in preparation for the 5 weeks leading to their upcoming Pre Public Exams (PPEs) in December. The booklet signposts the precise activities should complete each week and the resources that should be used.  Each week in school, pupils will spend time using the booklet to plan their following weeks revision schedule, ensuring they maximise the time and effort they spend on revision.

The countdown booklet is also a great way for you to check on what work your child should be completing each week and support their work. The provided timetable should help them to schedule their important revision alongside their other out-of-school activities.  A countdown booklet is also used for the PPEs in March, and then a final 8-1 Countdown will be issued in the run up to GCSE exams in May.

Year 11 Countdown Booklet PPE