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Secondary Clubs & Trips

This academic year we have relaunched our Extra-Curricular Opportunities Programme. The programme encompasses three different types of activity, which are summarised below:

  • Regular in-school clubs (break, lunch or after school)

  • Unique off-site trips

  • The Outdoor Education Programme.



For more detail about each type of activity, please see below.

Regular in-school clubs:

As part of the normal school day, we offer a selection of clubs and activities at break, lunch and after school. Most of these are free and are run by our Secondary Staff, giving everyone the opportunity to take part in a wide range of different activities. Pupils are reminded of these clubs in their Tutor time briefings three times a week.

You can find our current In-School Club timetable below:

CEC Secondary Phase – Extra-Curricular Timetable

Unique off-site trips:

Occasionally pupils may get the opportunity to attend trips away from the Campus. These might be related to a specific subject (such as Geography Field Trips) or non-curriculum trips such as visits to further education providers like Exeter College.

You can find a list of our off-site trips that have/are running this academic year below. If you would like more information about any of the upcoming trips then please contact the staff member organising the trip:

Trips Date Year Group Contact

Geography Field Trip

8th September 2022

Year 11 Geography pupils

[email protected] 

Northcott Theatre (Noughts and Crosses)

5th October 2022

Year 10 Drama pupils

[email protected]

Aspire Conference 2022

3rd November 2022

Year 11

Amazing Apprenticeships

15th December 2022

Year 10

[email protected]

University of Plymouth

17th January 2023

Year 11

[email protected]

Univeristy of Exeter

31st January 2023

Coachbright pupils

[email protected]

Wool on the Exe

8th March 2023

Young Enterprise pupils

[email protected]

Cranbrook Town Centre

24th March 2023

Year 11 Geography pupils

[email protected] 

Houses of Parliament (London)

28th March 2023

Years 7-11 Pupil Parliament

[email protected]