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Canon Literacy and Maths

A literary canon is a collection of texts which hold significant value: both in the style of writing and in the messages that they give. We pondered long and hard over which books would hold significance for our students at West Exe. By the time they leave us, our students will have read 25 magnificent, thought-provoking and hopefully, life changing texts during tutor time: books that will bring depth, colour and culture to their lives; books that allow them to see the world from many varying perspectives and bring a greater understanding of the way the world works; books that will be a pleasure to read.

All students are tested for their reading age upon entry. Students that have a reading age somewhat lower than expected will receive bespoke literacy intervention through the Lexia package and 1-1 sessions with a trained literacy TA. 
Dedicated reading time time is given within English lessons all year groups, and reading forms part of our extended practice. 

Every teacher is a teacher of literacy: staff are armed with students reading ages and tailor curriculum reading material to suit the needs of the students, as well utilising the literacy marking codes to improve students' written communication.