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Welcome Pack

Please find below some important information about the Early Years Unit at Cranbrook Education Campus. Please answer the questions at the end of the form before your child starts with us at the Campus.
If you wish to discuss anything below please email us at [email protected]

The Early Years Day

We run morning session of 3 hours and afternoon sessions of three hours and 45 minutes or a full school day, plus an opportunity for wraparound care (Breakfast/after school club).
Morning session 8.30am-11.30am
Afternoon session 11.30am-3.15pm
School day session 8.30am-3.15pm
The doors open at 8.30 for the start of the day, a member of the team will come to the gate to welcome the children into the classrooms. We ask you to leave your child with the teachers so our day’s learning can begin. Children will have an allocated place to hang their belongings and a system for self-registration, and an adult will be on hand to help your child organise these things.
Children who leave at 11.30am will be ready for your prompt collection from outside the double doors next to the graffiti area and Nursery exit gate
Children who leave at 3.15pm will be ready to be collected from outside their classrooms, where an adult will ensure they have everything they need to take home, unless attending after school club.
If you are using the Breakfast club you will need to drop your child/ren off at Carle classroom gate. If you are using the Afterschool club you will need to pick up your child/ren from Carle classroom gate.


We offer a choice for children at lunchtime. Children can bring their own named healthy packed lunch to school (in a suitable lunch box/lunch bag please) or have a school meal. You will be able to access the menu online and meals need to be pre-ordered and pre-paid using the online SchoolGrid login. If your child is entitled to Free School Meals please let us know. Children will eat together regardless of whether they have packed lunch or a school meal. We are a NUT FREE school, please do not send children in with nut based products such as

peanut butter,

chocolate/hazelnut spread or

oat bars with nuts.

In September 2023 we introduced a new online payment system called SchoolGrid/Dolce

This is now the only way that you will be able to order and pay and pre-book school meal/s.
The purpose of this system means that you can:
• Order your child/children’s preferred menu choice in advance
• Pay for school lunches via the system, or just pre-book meals if your child/children are entitled to Universal Free School Meal/s & Free School Meal/s
• Order a day at a time, per week or even for a month in advance from the beginning of each term before 8.30am


You will receive an email prior to your child starting with us with the log in details to access SchoolGrid/Dolce. Please ensure that you pre-order your child/ren meals even if you are entitled to Universal Free Schools Meal/s and Free School Meal/s

What to Wear?

Being in school is often very messy and our casual uniform protects your child’s home clothes. We ask that all children wear our grey Cranbrook Nursery sweatshirt and our green t-shirt (both with Cranbrook Logo)
These items are available from
1.  Honiton sports shop
66 High Street, Honiton Tel: 01404 42100
(You can order online from
Alternatively we have a parent run Facebook group called Cranbrook Education Campus nursery parents page where you can often find parents selling or giving away second hand uniform and you can sometimes find second hand clothes in the Cranbrook charity shop.
In order to allow freedom of movement and to encourage children to be relaxed and able to take part in a range of outdoor and “messy” activities parents are encouraged to dress their children in plain, dark leggings or trousers. (It is also very helpful as children get used to using the toilet independently to have clothing which is easy for them to remove themselves). Please note that we have no expectation of your child coming to Nursery in full uniform, only the sweatshirt/t-shirt is compulsory.
Sensible footwear should be worn (no flip flops and no open toed sandals) and we ask you to provide a pair of wellies and a waterproof coat every day as we learn outside regardless of weather.   At least two changes of clothing should also be provided daily for all children in a bag labelled with your child’s name. 

Photography Consent

Generally photographs are a source of pleasure and pride.  We believe that the taking and use of photographs can enhance the self-esteem of children and their families and therefore is something to be welcomed and appreciated.
We may take photographs for a number of reasons whilst your child is with us, including to:
• Document what they enjoy doing
• Record their learning and development progress  
• Display in learning journeys and/or document panels
• Record special events and achievements which will be evidenced on our social Networking sites
• Celebrate achievements with external agencies.
We will also encourage children to be active learners, and to become involved in using cameras themselves by taking photos of their surroundings, activities and of each other.
We do however recognise that with the increased use of technologies, particularly digitally and online, the potential for misuse has become greater and we understand that this can give rise to concern.  We will therefore endeavour to put effective safeguards in place to protect children and young people by minimising risk.  We will seek to protect children’s identity and to limit opportunities for the taking, making and distribution of inappropriate images. We have a Camera and Image Policy in place, which you are welcome to view or take a copy of at any time.
We are mindful of the fact that for some families, there may be reasons why protecting a child’s identity is a matter of particular anxiety, and if you have special circumstances either now, or at any time in the future which would affect or change your position regarding consent, please let us know immediately and request a new form to complete and sign.
If your child is old enough to express their own view, you may want to consult with them about categories of consent, and we invite you to use this letter to explore their feelings about being photographed.
Please read and complete the questions at the end of this document and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.  
  • I give consent for photographs of my child to be put on the Campus website and social media sites (where appropriate) and external agencies’ (such as Devon Live) social media sites (where appropriate).  
• I do not give consent for photographs of my child to be put on the Campus website and social media sites (where appropriate) and external agencies (Devon Live) social media sites (where appropriate).

TV/Film clips/DVDs
During the school year we may show parts of, or whole films and programmes to support your child’s learning. We only ever use suitable material and show films with a U or PG certificate.  
Please complete the slip below to enable your child to take part in these activities

Walks in the local area

From time to time the staff in the Campus may need to take the children out for walks around the local area.  
These walks are carefully planned to support topic work or curriculum enrichment activities. All walks will be closely supervised by the appropriate number of adults.  
Occasionally, the walks will be made at relatively short notice, so that we can take advantage of good weather, or something which is happening locally.
Please complete the slip below to give permission for your child to take part in all local walks/activities. For any trips involving contributions or coach travel, separate letters will be sent out.

First Aid

Should your child be injured in school, our qualified First Aiders will be required to administer First Aid.
Please sign below to give permission for your child to receive medical attention should it be deemed necessary by a member of staff.

Sun Tan Lotion

We encourage parents/carers to apply suntan lotion to child/children before they arrive at school during sunny weather. There may be occasions where this has been overlooked or children may need more reapplying. In the Campus, there is sun tan lotion which we will encourage children to apply to themselves to avoid being burnt. Please sign the below to give permission for your child to apply their own sun tan lotion should it be deemed necessary by a member of staff.

Intimate Care

I give staff consent to attend to any intimate care with my child, for example, nappy changes, toileting, wiping faces after lunch, and dressing

Transfer of Information

I consent to the transfer of information, relating to my child within the setting, to the school my child will be attending and when leaving the nursery or pre-school and other agencies that may be able to offer services that will benefit my child.

Ted Wragg Payment Policy

Cranbrook Education Campus understands that the cost of registered childcare can seem expensive to a parent.  However, to ensure the continued high standards and sustainability for the nursery whilst providing a high quality, safe and stimulating service for children, it must ask that parents/carers respect its policy in respect of fees.  Cranbrook Education Campus values their relationship with parents/carers and will be sympathetic towards any difficulty in paying fees, however we are unable to function effectively without these payments.


Once a place and start date is confirmed, an invoice will be sent for the period from the start date to the end of the first calendar month. Payment must be made in full before a child starts at the nursery.  For example, if a child starts on the 10th March an invoice will be raised for the period from the 10th to 31st March and must be paid in full before starting.

Fees are invoiced monthly and must be paid by month-end, i.e. before the child attends any paid sessions. For example, April invoices will be raised on March 15th and payment will be required by March 31st. This applies without exception unless other arrangements have been made with management. 


In order to run a high-quality childcare setting it is essential that fees are paid on time.  Childcare should be paid for in advance to secure the child’s place and allow for staff planning in accordance with OFSTED regulations. This applies to all payment methods (including Tax Free Childcare payments and Childcare Vouchers).

The person/persons signing this Terms of Agreement will be responsible for the payment of all fees and charges unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Setting.

Fees can be paid directly in to the bank, by Tax Free Childcare account or Childcare Vouchers. The bank account details for Cranbrook Education Campus Nursery are as below.

Account Name: Cranbrook Education Campus      
Sort Code: 30-80-37
Account Number: 24934862

Unpaid fees will attract a late payment charge of £10.00 per invoice. The full process for collecting unpaid fees is addressed later in this document.

Periods of Closure & Absence

The nursery is open during term time only. No charge is made when the nursery is closed.

There will be no refund of fees for absence because of sickness, holiday or for any other reason unless otherwise agreed.  Long-term illnesses will be considered on an individual basis.

Amendment to Sessions & Withdrawal

A parent/carer must provide at least four weeks’ written notice to withdraw their child from the nursery or to reduce their sessions. Any changes made to sessions will take effect from the next term.

Parents/carers can request an increase in sessions in agreement with Cranbrook Education Campus subject to availability.

Fees and Charges Schedule

Parents/carers should expect fee increases from time to time, including an inflationary increase in fees each year. If there is an increase in fees, we will give a minimum of one month’s notice to allow time for preparation. Other terms and conditions will not be affected.

The fees and charges schedule as at 1st September 2022 is outlined below.

Cranbrook Education Campus  2-3 year old classroom

Breakfast Club (7.30am – 8.30am)
Morning Session – (8.30am – 11.30am)
Afternoon Session – (11.30am – 3.15pm)
Afterschool Club 1 – (3.15pm – 4.30pm)
Afterschool Club 2 - (3.15pm – 6.00pm)
School Day (8.30am-3.15pm)
All day attendance - (7.30am – 6.00pm)

Cranbrook Education Campus  3-4 year old classroom

Breakfast Club (7.30am – 8.30am)
Morning Session – (8.30am – 11.30am)
Afternoon Session – (11.30am – 3.15pm)
Afterschool Club 1 – (3.15pm – 4.30pm)
Afterschool Club 2 - (3.15pm – 6.00pm)
School Day (8.30am-3.15pm)
All day attendance - (7.30am – 6.00pm)

Unpaid Fees

Cranbrook Education Campus reserves the right to take appropriate action to recover unpaid fees as set out within this policy. Any account falling into arrears will trigger the process below and continued failure to pay may result in legal proceedings, which may have implications on the credit rating of the person/people responsible.

All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees including our administration costs and any costs and disbursement paid to solicitors acting on behalf of the Setting shall be recoverable in full, from the person/persons signing this Terms of Agreement.

Process for collecting unpaid fees:

1. Each month, parent/carers will receive a friendly reminder 1 – 2 days prior to the last day of the month to remind them to make payment.

2. If payment has not been received by the due date, a reminder invoice along with a letter will be sent to the parent/carer. The letter will highlight the outstanding amount due and will request for payment to be made within 7 days. It will also outline a late payment charge of £10, which will be added to the parent/carer’s bill if the payment has not been received in the 7 days stated.

3. When payments have still not been received within the 7 days, the late payment charge of £10.00 will be applied to the parent’s/carer’s account and a Final Notice Letter will be issued by recorded delivery. The letter will explain that if payment is not made within 14 days, the parent/carer’s non-funded provision will be withdrawn from the 1st day of the following month.

4. Where payments have still not been received, a Notice of Place Withdrawal and Legal Action will be issued to the parent/carer. This letter will explain that the funded provision will also be removed from the date provided and court action will commence in order to reclaim the outstanding fees. Any charges incurred will be payable by the person/people signing this policy.

Any child leaving the Setting with outstanding fees will trigger the following procedure:

a) In order to give a last opportunity to settle an account the parent/carer will be informed of the date the place will be withdrawn which will trigger immediate referral to the Debt Collection Agency.  

b) If the account is not settled it is out of the hands of the school, and all payment plus additional charges by the debt collection agency will have to be paid to them.

Late Collection fee

Any child collected after 3.15pm, 4.30pm or 6.00pm will be charged a late collection fee. The charge will be £5.00 per child every 15 minutes after the booked session has ended. The fee will need to be paid in full before the child attends the next session. On the first occasion the fee will be charged and the parents reminded of the importance of collecting their child on time. The incident will be logged and the Headteacher will be informed. On the second occasion the late fee will be charged again. A letter will be given explaining that should the parent be late once more they will forfeit their child’s place within the Breakfast club or After School Club. This incident again will be logged and the Headteacher informed. On the third occasion the late charge will apply and the parent will lose their child’s place within the Breakfast club and After School Club with immediate effect. A final letter will be sent advising the parent of this.

Parent/Carer Duty

Parent/Carer are to provide their child/ren with the following items each day their child/ren attend.
Coat –weather appropriate, must be named
Wellington boots- these can be left at school, must be named
Spare clothes in a bag- must be named
Drinks bottle- must be named
Nappies, wet wipes, nappy sacks- in a suitable bag, must be named
Packed lunch- if required, must be named
Booking hot dinners before 9.30 each day- if required

In the sunnier months you will be required to supply the following items for your child when requested.
Suncream- must be named, if required due to skin allergies (we will have our own school suncream for children)
Sun hat- must be named


Please ensure you have read this policy in full and raise any queries you may have. By signing this document, you are agreeing that you have read, understood and agree to the terms specified in this document.

Please note, a contract is entered in to when a starting date is agreed and you will then be bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Agreement.

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